Cranestyle Mini – Guideways Version

Here’s my latest printer, it started out as a copy of Whosawhatsis’s Cranestyle Mini, but diverged when I had some difficulties getting the linear rails I ordered.  The 12mm rails from AliExpress were delayed, then missing, then the wrong size. In the meantime, a friend gave me some linear guideways and a 14mm linear rail and I ended up building this printer around those.

There are other changes, the most significant ones are the extruder (went with a pivoting dual drive setup), the fans (I used blower style fans), and the controller (DuetWifi).  I plan to write more about those changes in future posts.

Most of the parts are printed in Atomic Filament Emerald Green PETG. but I also used 3D Solutech See Through Green ABS* and Octave Flourescent Green ABS*.

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