3D Printer Failure 1 – Broken Fan Wiring

I’ve found wiring to be one of the most fragile parts of my 3D printers.  Fans can often fail where the wires are connected to the PCB, which can be particularly frustrating failure since there’s often limited clearance for soldering and most fans are welded together, making them difficult to disassemble.  Fortunately, a bit of preventative reinforcement can significantly reduce the odds of a broken fan.


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Printing Failure 4 – Detached Part (Stuck to Hotend Variation)

One of the worst things a detached print can do is attach to the heater block.  This case wasn’t too bad, but I’ve seen pictures where the hotend is encased in a giant ball of plastic.  If this happens, turning up the temperature of the hotend will make the plastic easier to remove, I usually set it high enough to soften the plastic, but lower than normal printing temperatures.  A brass brush is also very useful for cleanup.  Watch out for any wiring damage during cleanup, especially around the thermistor.

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