Printing Failure 3 – Detached Part (Blob Variation)

Another variation on the detached print is a blob that forms near the nozzle.  Like the hairball failure, this one is mostly harmless, as long as it doesn’t merge into the hotend.

Usually when I run into this issue, I may one or more of the following:

  • Add a new or stronger coating on the printer bed
  • Make sure the first layer is at the correct height (the extruded filament should be squished, without any gaps between the lines)
  • Print the first layer slower
  • Use z-hop on travel moves
  • Increase the bed temperature
  • Print with a brim
  • Increase the surface contact of the first layer by trimming part of the model (e.g. printing a sphere)
  • Use a plastic that will warp less (PLA, PETG)