Raptor Reloaded Print

Recently printed a test hand to send to e-NABLE, a community of volunteers who make free prosthetics like the one below for those who need them.


IMGP1473  IMGP1499  IMGP1472  IMGP1482  IMGP1453  IMGP1508


The default print tolerances resulted in joints that were fairly loose on my printer, even at 100% scale. When I checked some of the tolerances in the model, it looks like it was designed with 0.2 to 0.4mm gaps which get scaled up along with the rest of the model. I took some notes on the scale factors I used to get a better fit (140% version) on my printer, they’re the starting values I’ll use next time around.  These are values for my RigidBot so I don’t expect they’ll work as-is on other printers, but may it give you an idea of values to try.

  • Palm: no change
  • Gauntlet: no change (but washers were added for the gap between the palm and gauntlet)
  • Fingertip: z adjusted -0.1mm
  • Fingertip Pin: 10% larger radially
  • Thumb Pin: 5% larger radially
  • Proximal: 10% wider (could have been be wider)
  • Knuckle Pin: 5% larger radially
  • Wrist Cap: no change
  • Wrist Pin: 7.5% larger radially, 5% shorter
  • Tensioner Block: 2% larger (all dimensions)
  • Tensioner Pin: 12.5% larger (tight fit, maybe a bit smaller next time), length unchanged, model re-exported from Fusion360 with the holes resized from 3mm to 2.5mm (before scaling)
  • Tensioner Clip: no change

 The percentage increases are modifiers on the scaled print size (e.g. 10% larger than 140% is 140% * 1.10 = 154% of original size).