Vibratory Tumbler – Ceramic

Here’s some pictures from a test using a vibratory tumbler* filled with ceramic media.  Some of the ceramic pieces were broken to make smaller pieces.

The original Ollie in dark grey PLA.



Pulling Ollie out of the tumbler after leaving him in overnight, he look like he’s been playing in the snow.



Wiping off the excess ceramic powder still leaves a lot of white.



Rinsing Ollie off in the sink and scrubbing with a nylon brush, most of the powder is removed, but the plastic is still white where its been in contact with the ceramic.



Adding a light coat of wax restores the dark grey look.  At this point you’re probably wonder what was the point.



The difference in the prints above is subtle because of the soft lighting.  So here’s a picture with harsh lighting, it gives you a sense of the difference in glossiness between the two prints.  The two prints look and feel very different from one another and I prefer the softer look and feel of the tumbled print.  I doubt I’ll be doing this often though, it’s just more trouble that it’s worth.



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