I’m still figuring this out, but I’m hoping to use this site to share my experiences with 3D printing and similar topics. This will mostly consist of pictures, techniques, comparisons, and any other info I think will be useful or interesting (both what works, and what doesn’t). No news, no meta-stories (stories about other peoples stories), and no click bait (probably). I’m more comfortable with a camera than a pen, so expect more pictures (click to see in full size) and less text. Objects I’ve designed will continue to be uploaded to Thingiverse, where they can be more easily found and downloaded ( Anything else maker related that I think should be public will probably find its way here. I hope you’ll find this useful.

More info about the picture above can be found on Thingiverse, only left Ollie and right Ollie are printed, center Ollie was made in ceramic the old fashioned way by Linda Hsiao (my sister). Ollie will show up here as a frequent test subject.